Optilift and Alpa AS form strategic partnership

Alpa and Optilift have formed a strategic partnership for delivery of automated crane systems.

Optilift specializes in developing vision- and automated crane software - using artificial intelligence to enhance crane operations - Alpa supplies material handing solutions and upgrades including crane control system with remote access and condition monitoring.

The newly formed partnership now enables both Optilift and Alpa to utilise complementing technology to offer stronger crane products and service to the market.

“This partnership allows us to offer automated and autonomous crane solutions to existing offshore cranes”, says Camilla Nylund, Optilift Managing Director.

“What Optilift has never focused on is the crane operating system and PLC systems itself. Together with Alpa we are now able to deliver control system and service upgrades of existing cranes, which is a prerequisite for our AI-technology products to function. In other words, this partnership now brings us new market possibilities.”

CEO Leif Løken at Alpa labels the new partnership exciting:

“With the Optilift partnership we are now able to deliver a wider service to both new and existing customers, as we can offer modern AI-products to enhance and strengthen our customers’ operational capabilities. It is an exciting partnership, and we really look forward to seeing what opportunities lie ahead for us”, Løken says.

Pilot project first step

The first step of the partnership is to conduct a pilot test where the joint technology forces of the two companies could be set into action and tested for the first time. To perform such a test, a crane owner needs to be located.

Our goal with the pilot project is to create a first reference of our partnership and present the effects of our integrated crane systems

Any crane from any industry could potentially fit as partner for the project.

Existing offshore cranes, or cranes from the modern marine, harbour, fishing or aquaculture industry should be able to fit the project we now look to complete, she says.

Increased safety and efficiency

For crane owners, upgrading existing products to bring them up to modern standards has significantly lower costs compared to acquiring an all new one.

“A new crane brings its own value. But being able to extend the operational life cycle of an existing crane also bring significant value for a crane owner. Upgrading is more cost efficient, increases safety, environmentally friendly – and now – there is the capability of turning old cranes intelligent through the Optilift product range”, Leif Løken adds.

“A new crane control and PLC system increases both efficiency and safety significantly. Our different vision software applications also reduce or eliminate the chance of human error, which is the biggest reason for crane accidents”, Nylund states.

Added value to several markets

The complementary partnership between Alpa and Optilift could also potentially affect and benefit several different industries and markets where crane operations are key - and not just the traditional oil and gas business.

Crane operations sit at the core of several different key operations in different businesses and societal areas today. Harbours, marine aquaculture, fishery and constructing businesses all involve crane operations as a key component of their activities.

“As such, our partnership with Alpa could potentially benefit all these areas, as our products is easily adopted to fit different use cases in different industries”, Nylund says.

Alpa is part of the Axess Group and the unique product and lifting competence is a result of more than 20 years of experience, ranging from service and maintenance of most offshore and maritime crane brands to delivery of a wide range of special handling solutions. The Alpa engineers are experts within developing methods and design material handling solutions to optimize challenging lifting operations.

Optilift AS – established in 2010 – is a technology development company focusing on innovative solutions for offshore cranes, lifting and logistics. Optilift offers a range of products, technologies and solutions to improve safety, efficiency and logistics control related to offshore lifting and cargo handling.

Alpa wins major rental winch solution contract

Alpa has signed a contract with Kværner for the delivery of 11 electrical driven cable pull in systems for the Hywind Tampen wind farm in the North Sea.

The delivery is consisting of 11 winches with the latest Alpa ACS 7600 control system and routing arrangement and will be rented from Axess Group to Kværner for use during the hook-up period of the Hywind Tampen project. This project is Alpa’s first product delivery contract for the renewables market and the largest rental contract from the Axess Group to date.

The contract is a result of a good cooperation with the Client where the Axess Group delivers complete certified systems. Leif Løken, Sales Director at Alpa, says “We are proud to meet the Hywind Tampen project’s technical and commercial goals with our rental winch solution, and are prepared to do more business in this segment.”

Successful installation of Alpa Crane Control System

Alpa has successfully upgraded the control systems of two offshore cranes on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) for a large international oil company. The old OEM control systems were replaced with the new Alpa Crane Control System (ACCS-1500) with integrated Condition Monitoring System.

The cranes are over 25 years old, and although they are still structurally sound, the control systems’ functionality has become obsolete and the spare parts are now unavailable.

The ACCS-1500 control system offers increased adaptability to new or existing offshore cranes. Its modular design allows for efficient customization for various crane designs and user preferences. The system offers flexible integration, from smaller material handling cranes to more advanced offshore cranes and subsea AHC-cranes.

Gunnar Gjeldvik, CEO at Alpa, commented: “Replacing the aging cranes with a completely new crane system is not cost-effective. As a rule of thumb, the offshore replacement service is at least 3-4 times the cost the crane itself. Replacing the control system and modifying the existing crane to fulfill today’s safety and functionality requirements makes more financial sense than investing in a completely new crane system.

Alpa have signed a frame agreement for service and modifications onboard Swire Seabed’s vessels

The agreement opens for support from Alpa and other companies within the Axess Group.

The agreement gives Swire Seabed guaranteed Alpa Personnel availability and will in addition to service and modification also give Swire Seabed access to design, engineering and inspection capacities within the Axess Group. 

The agreement lasts for three years, with two additional optional periods (2 x 3 years).

Alpa Service Team demonstrates robust engineering competence

Our team has executed a series of service provisions to some of the most reputable oil and gas companies worldwide. Here’s a list of our recent successful deliveries:

Long-term crane maintenance agreement with Statoil for offshore installations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

Inspection and overhaul of 30 mt Active Heave Compensated (AHC) winch for Swire Seabed.

Installation and commissioning of extra brake for personnel lift for an international offshore drilling contractor.

Riser handling and installation for a major offshore production company’s FPSO in Ghana.

These service agreements enabled us to showcase our capacities in various engineering disciplines, as well as boost our collaboration with our customers in the offshore and marine industry.

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Compact and lightweight utility winches for Gullfaks A

Alpa has successfully delivered three 5 mt utility winches for Gullfaks A oil and gas field in the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Due to the compact and lightweight design, the client’s existing pneumatic winches were replaced seamlessly.

The winch has a unique low load mode, which enables the operator to utilize either full lifting capacity or reduced lifting capacity, whenever needed. The winches were delivered with radio remote control for safe and long-range operations.

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Alpa winch systems exhibit high-profitability

We are proud to announce that we have received three repeat order procurements for our Alpa Winch Systems in the last few months. This signifies our clients' recognition that our products provide high reliability and high return on investment.

The Alpa winch is designed according to NORSOK R-002 Annex K, which allows lifting above hydrocarbon pressurized systems, e.g., drilling area (live wells). The system is the only one of its kind in the market.

Two of the systems are to be used in the UK Continental Shelf while the other one will be utilized in the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The capacity of these winches ranges from 18 mt to 45 mt.

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Offshore Crane Maintenance and Modification

Alpa AS continues to provide service, maintenance and modification of offshore cranes and other cranes for Statoil at numerous of the company’s installations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The agreement has a duration of 4 years plus three optional periods of 4 years each. The contract’s potential is 16 years.

We have been working together with Statoil since 2006 and the award of this contract is a statement that we provide safe, efficient and cost effective solutions for Statoil.

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