Our products

Gantry Crane

  • Specially designed to suit individual applications
  • Non-Ex and Ex available
  • Electro or hydraulic operated
  • Class approved

Access basket

  • Maximum accessibility
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 360˚ basket slewing
  • Basket tilt
  • Boom slewing
  • Telescope
  • Class approval

Alpa Condition Monitoring System

  • Safe and easy installations – No need to interact with an existing control system
  • Installation on all brands available
  • Real-time monitoring anytime anywhere
  • Lifetime recording of all loads on all critical components
  • Optimized class – Maintenance when it is necessary
  • Control of all lifting operations, load distribution and machinery true out lifetime
  • Control and extension of the installation’s lifetime

Alpa Condition Motoring System monitors all usage and loads in a system and is useful for maintenance planning and remote failure diagnostics. The system can be integrated into the Control System or installed as a stand-alone solution (retrofitted). The system design enables the Condition Monitoring System to be installed on most material handling solutions.

Alpa Control System

  • Complete control system upgrade
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Also available for active heave compensation systems
  • Customer specific solution
  • Condition monitoring
  • Online tool available at all times
  • Remote access

Alpa Winch

Alpa Winch is a redundant high-risk application for lifting over Hydro Carbon Pressurized systems and is the only system of its kind with an approved DVR from DnV GL.

The system is designed for safe and easy installation and mobilization with minimum service and maintenance requirements. The system can be adapted to various interfaces due to the system's unique design philosophy which enables multiple interfaces without changing the main structure.

The load path when lifting consists of dual load carrying parts. This ensures that a single failure does not lead to a dropped load. The unique winch design ensures evenly distributed loads in the system in all situations. The control system gives real-time feedback on the status of the system, and has interlocks winch ensures the safety and functionality of the system.

The hydraulic system can be connected to an existing ring line system, or be delivered with a redundant HPU.

The system can be interfaced to the following
(but not limited to):

  • Traversal crane with various design
  • DDM
  • Fixed structures


  • Redundant HPU
  • Multiple interface solution
  • Redundant slewing hook

Gripper yoke with quick connector

  • Increased safety – easy automated shift between yoke and hook, no manual work
  • No oil spill
  • Unlimited slewing function
  • Fail-safe lock
  • Proven solution

Hose Reel Stations

  • Electro or hydraulic operated
  • Non-Ex and Ex available
  • Single and multi reels
  • Standard foundation for easy installation

Knuckle Boom Crane

  • Specially designed for marine operations
  • Various designs
  • Emergency operation system
  • Non-Ex and Ex available
  • Optional NORSOK
  • Radio remote
  • Class approval

Manipulator Crane

  • Multi purpose
  • Can be equipped with a quick connector for oil and electro
  • Telescope with slewing function
  • Winch

Spooling Winch

  • Safe – No manual handling of wire drums
  • Flexible – No overhead lifting needed during operation
  • Efficient – One operation
  • Back tension – No need for breaking in wire

Utility Winches

  • Electro or hydraulic operated
  • Non-Ex and Ex available
  • 2 – 25 t lifting capacity
  • Customer specific functionality
  • Optional spooling device
  • Optional NORSOK R-002
  • Class approved


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